• IFA Day 1: 4K Smartphones and water-cooled laptops

  • Philips improves upon its color-changing light strips

    The idea behind Philips' Hue Lightstrips was pretty neat: a line of LEDs that change color according to your whims, but suffered in the execution. After all, the hardware couldn't offer white light, so you were forced to shut them down if you weren't in the mood for a splash of color. Then there was the fact that the strips were only two meters long, making it pricey to run them down your dramatic entrance hall or under your kitchen cabinets. That's why the firm has spent the last year working on an upgrade, so please be upstanding for the new Philips Hue Lightstrip... Plus.

  • Panasonic is reviving Technics' legendary DJ turntables

    Ask DJs about their favorite turntables and they'll frequently swear by Technics' SL-1200 – even though it hasn't been made since 2007, the super-reliable deck is still the gold standard for vinyl spinners. If you're one of those enthusiasts, you'll be glad to hear that Panasonic is bringing Technics turntables back as part of a larger revival for the audio brand. Many of the details are still under wraps, but the turntable set will have a new direct-drive motor that should improve the audio quality. The gear won't show up until sometime during Panasonic's next fiscal year (sometime between April 2016 and March 2017), but more development time is likely a good thing. After all, the SL-1200 thrives precisely because its makers were careful to preserve elements that worked well – a rushed product could easily hurt more than it helps.

  • Here's how to watch ASUS' IFA 2015 press event!

  • PlayStation 4 jumps on the YouTube Gaming bandwagon

    Believe it or not, the PlayStation 4 is almost two years old already. I know, i'm surprised too. To celebrate, Sony is rolling out its dashboard preview program and from the looks of it, firmware version 3.0 is positively massive and rife with some huge changes for the console. Let's start at the top: online storage has been increased from a paltry 1GB to 10GB, which should make accessing all of your game saves where ever you are a ton easier. With the advent of YouTube Gaming comes the ability to livestream from Sony's latest game console to Google's video wing, much like you could already do via the system's built-in Twitch functionality. And joining screenshots, you can share video clips to Twitter now too. Sadly, they're limited to 10 seconds apiece.

  • PayPal makes it even easier to call in your debts

  • Nintendo's smaller New 3DS comes to the US on September 25th

    When Nintendo decided to release only the New 3DS XL in the US this winter rather than its smaller New 3DS sibling, it left many scratching their heads. Why would Nintendo deprive American gamers of a smaller, more travel-friendly handheld? Well, it's making amends for that mistake very shortly. Nintendo has revealed that it's bringing the New 3DS to the US on September 25th as part of a $220 Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer bundle. So long as you like having the game's charming art plastered all over your handheld, you too can have a more portable option. The NFC Reader (needed to load up on Amiibo figurines and card) will also arrive that day for $20.

  • LG dresses its luxury smartwatch in a gold suit

  • Netflix hopes you won't mind losing access to some big movies

    Here's hoping that you weren't bent on watching The Hunger Games: Catching Fire or World War Z on Netflix – if so, you don't have much time to do it. Netflix has confirmed that it won't renew its longstanding movie deal with Epix, which will lead to many Lionsgate and MGM titles disappearing from the service come September. The company hopes you won't mind, though. As Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos points out, there are legions of original shows lined up – Netflix is betting that you'll be too busy watching Narcos to worry that a favorite flick just disappeared.

  • Amazon's Echo speaker plays music from multiple accounts

    Amazon's Echo speaker has been fine for playing music and audiobooks so far... unless you live in a household with more than one Amazon user, at which point it just gets messy. That won't be a problem any longer, though: Amazon has added support for multiple accounts, making it easy to play solely from your own collection. You only have to tell it to switch profiles to get your tunes. Simply put, this could be a lifesaver if you're going to share an Echo with roommates or a significant other – you don't have to create a shared account or risk having someone else pollute your song recommendations.