• Amazon snaps up former 'Top Gear' trio for new motoring show

    Amazon has announced that it's signed a deal with ousted Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond for a new motoring show. The stars of the popular BBC franchise left the program earlier this year when Clarkson was fired as a consequence of punching a producer. Almost instantly, rumors of the trio launching a rival with another broadcaster spread, with Netflix the surprise front-runner.

  • Here's how you stream Xbox One games on Windows 10

    Microsoft has made much ado about Windows 10's support for streaming Xbox One games to your PC, but how do you actually do it? There's a good chance that you can figure it out if you're reading this, but Microsoft has helpfully posted a full walkthrough in case you or your friends need some help. The gist? You'll need both an Xbox One controller and an Xbox Live account, of course, but you'll also need to make sure that the Xbox One is set to allow game streaming in the first place. We could see that easily becoming a stumbling block if you're rushing to get started. The guide is also a friendly reminder of what you can do once everything is working, such as voice chat (with a microphone) and controlling the Xbox One's menus. It's simple enough... let's just hope that PC-to-Xbox streaming isn't any more complex.

  • Nintendo sells 10 million Wii Us, still not making much money

  • CBS plans to livestream Super Bowl commercials for the first time

    If you've been livestreaming the Super Bowl and missing out on all of those commercials, that's about to change. Variety reports CBS will stream all of the ads during the game in February, so those watching via the internet will be privy to the same quality entertainment each time there's a break in the action. In the past, advertisers have had to choose a streaming option on top of the regular broadcast slots. If you streamed this past February's game, you likely noticed the same handful of commercials on repeat. That's why. This time around, though, CBS is said to be treating all of the ad spots equally and advertisers will have to consider delivering content in both places. The report also indicates that CBS plans to charge a record price for each 30-second spot – likely more than the $4.5 million NBC commanded this year. What's more, the network won't let companies "opt out" of the livestream either. In recent months, NFL content has made a big splash online with clips on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube alongside Yahoo's plans to stream a regular season game from London.

  • You can't help but feel cool in Nike's new face mask

    When Olympic athlete Ashton Eaton finishes an event, he feels better after dousing himself with a bottle of water, but that's not a very elegant way of keeping his head cool. That's why the decathlete teamed up with Nike to build this prototype face mask that's designed to reduce the temperature of his head and face. Essentially, the Nike Cooling Head is a heatsink for your skull, with a mesh that holds tiny veins of water close and tight to the contours of your face. When an athlete is trying to chill down after a fast sprint in hot weather, all they have to do is pull this out of a refrigerator and strap it on.

  • Rhapsody for Android gets prettier, more powerful music controls

    Don't worry, Rhapsody isn't sitting idly by as it faces both fresh competition and renewed rivals. The streaming music service has rolled out a redesigned Android app (as well as a Napster counterpart) that brings some needed boosts to both the looks and features. The highlight is the new mini player, which lets you change and favorite tracks without losing your place, but you'll also get a simpler, flashier full-size player that looks right at home next to what you find in other modern apps. You'll also get more personalized album launches to make sure that you catch releases when they show up. No, this won't make you ditch Spotify, but you'll probably feel better about sticking with Rhapsody if you're happy with what it offers. And if you're an iOS listener, don't fret – you should get a matching update soon.

  • Best Buy will sell the Apple Watch on August 7th

    Until now, if you wanted an Apple Watch, you had to buy it in one of three places: online, at the Apple Store or at your nearest high-end luxury goods boutique. If none of those places are convenient, then you'll be happy to learn that the wearable will also be available from Best Buy on August 7th. The store will be the first big national chain to stock the device, and in keeping with its mass-market appeal, won't be stocking the pricey Edition model. It will, however, have both the 38 and 42mm versions of both the Sport and Watch models in 16 different configurations – not to mention a large supply of nightstands, screen protectors and third-party straps not approved by Apple.

  • Instagram tries a faster, sleeker Android photo editor

    Not happy with having to wade through filters and other editing tools just to post your Instagram shots? You might have a much simpler solution in the near future. Droid-Life has noticed that Instagram is trying out a new photo editor on Android that squeezes things into a single, simpler page that lets you add comments, tag people and apply filters. You only have to jump to another screen if you're eager to make in-depth tweaks.

  • 'Submerged' sidesteps combat for exploration on PS4 and Xbox One

    In case you've already finished Journey and are looking for another gorgeous game that eschews violence, Submerged hits PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in early August. From the sounds of it, the game should be a pretty relaxing affair despite the fact that protagonist Miku is searching a flooded city for a cure for her wounded younger brother. A post on the PlayStation Blog notes that you can explore at your own pace and climb around as you see fit. And as you do, you'll uncover the tale of how the world came to be flooded and a tale of an equally destroyed family. The game gets its good looks thanks to the absurdly powerful Unreal Engine 4, and I'm feeling a bit of an Enslaved: Odyssey to the West vibe from it, myself.

  • Fan-made 'GTA V' interactive map app puts Rockstar's to shame

    Grand Theft Auto V really seems like the gift that keeps on giving. The latest present? An unofficial map app (Android, iOS and web) that's been updated with collectibles locations from the current-gen releases like Peyote plants that let you play as sharks, eagles and more – yes, flying around as a bird of prey is bizarre as it sounds. The differences between this and the official app are pretty major, too. As VG24/7 reports, you can add personal notes to the map, track your collectibles progress and even switch between atlas and satellite views of the terrain. Future plans include making streets searchable by name. Interested? Hit the source links below to grab it for your device of choice.