• Facebook News Feed to get ads in 2012


    In the next year, as if your News Feed isn't already cluttered enough, Facebook will now add sponsored ads into the mix.


    That's right, if you like a Facebook page, the News Feed will generate a message every time you mention the "liked" brand or business. This shows up your News Feed as well as your friends'.


  • No Exact Date for Battlefield 3 Patch on Xbox 360

    No Exact Date for Battlefield 3 Patch on Xbox 360


    Amidst all of the excitement over the recently announcedBattlefield 3Back to Karkand release date and recent patches it seems like DICE has forgotten about one thing.  Xbox 360 users.

  • Canon 1D X: The New Most Epic DSLR Ever

    There are a lot of reasons the 1D X might be the most ridiculous DSLR ever made, but the numbers seem like a good place to start. A full-frame 18-megapixel sensor. ISO 204,800. 12fps RAW shooting. 61-point autofocus. Three DIGIC image processors. One gigabit ethernet port.


    There's a lot here, so I hope you're sitting somewhere comfortable.

  • Movember is Over, So Clean Yourself Up Using a Design Classic: The Safety Razor

    It's the end of 30 whole days of you raising money for a great cause and simultaneously looking like a complete chump. It's time to get rid of the beard. What better way than to use an iconic razor?

  • AT&T Thought We Were All Idiots

    As promised, the FCC provided their full report on the now-defunct AT&T-Mobile merger, in which they laced their comments throughout the original proposal. What'd the FCC think? That AT&T tried to play us all for fools.


  • Engineered Avian Flu Could Kill Half the World’s Humans

    This isn't a movie. It's not a classic Science Fiction book. This is the real story of a scientist who created a virus with the power to litter the Earth with billions of dead bodies.


    OK, now breathe. Or maybe don't—the virus is airborne.

  • Top 10 Education Tools for Today's Students

    Because we know there's so much going on in a student’s life, we have decided to help you with your back to school shopping. Instead of spending more time figuring out what to purchase for the upcoming school year, see if this list of the top 10 best education tools available for today’s student can give you some ideas. These learning tools are designed to help you have more effective study sessions so you can spend less time in the library and more time enjoying college life. So here they are: the best education tools for today’s tech-savvy student.

  • Your Next Coffee Table Could Be a Computer

    Imagine a 40-inch tablet set on four legs and you have the Samsung SUR40, a giant touchscreen monitor designed for hands-on collaboration. The touch-table is available for preorder beginning today for $7,600.
  • One in five iPhone owners would rather change banks than smartphones

    A survey has surfaced this week courtesy of the fine folks at GfK Group which had one in five consumers who owned both an iPad and an iPhone saying that switching to a new smartphone would be more difficult than changing their bank account. Of course with how often they use their devices, the fact that each application’s data sits on that device or in many cases does not exist on other mobile OS platforms, the switch to a new iPhone is the only realistic choice.

  • Consumers replacing TVs more quickly now

    Consumers are quickly replacing their flat-panel and older TV models at a much faster rate than they did in the last 10 to 15 years, according to a new study.


    Digital broadcast transitions and more affordable flat-panel TVs have encouraged consumers to replace their TVs, especially older CRT box models, in record numbers.